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About Equip 4:12

"Equip the saints..." That’s what EQUIP 4:12 is about. Based on Ephesians 4:12, our passion is to provide our readers with tools to equip them to both better understand the reasons behind their faith and, in the spirit of 1 Peter 3:15, to provide answers  to those with questions about the hope we have because of our faith in Jesus.

The Exchange Mockup 2.png
The Exchange

From coal to gold. From honey buckets and filthy, smelly rags to buckets of gold and pure, spotless clothes--all things made new by the blood of Jesus the Messiah. By faith in what he accomplished on the cross, you get His life and He gets yours. Hardly seems fair, does it? That, however, is at the heart of the greatest exchange the world has ever seen or could ever imagine.


Are you or aren't you? Many are confused or even deceived concerning where they stand with regard to "the exchange." False beliefs abound. What is an authentic Christian? What is the gospel and how does it apply to all of life? What does it mean to live the exchanged life? These questions and more are addressed in "The Exchange."  Pick up your copy today.

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