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New apologetics videos to help equip you. Please, check back, more videos are coming soon.

Fervent Prayer Our Rabbis Prayer Commission

This is a recent sermon I gave at Harvest Bible Chapel in West Olive, Michigan, called Our Rabbi's Prayer Commission. I try to bring out some of the 1st century Jewish background and perspective behind the famous Lord's Prayer while trying to provide a better understanding of how Yeshua's (Jesus') 1st century disciples may have understood his teaching.

E21 Why Believe Christianity? (Part 1)

“Why believe Christianity?” This is a two part series. In part 1 I’ll present Christianity as a worldview. In part 2 we’ll see if Christianity passes the truth test. In this episode, I’ll examine the questions like… “What is truth?”, “Shouldn’t beliefs be based on truth?”, “What exactly is a “worldview?”, “Why do worldviews matter anyway?” and more.

E22 Why Believe Christianity? (Part 2)

In this episode we’re looking at part 2 of Why Christianity?, “Does Christianity pass the test?” I think the biggest test, the ultimate test is not so much is it true, as much as if IT IS true does it change lives? If so, how? Join me as I explore questions regarding the reliability and truthfulness of the Bible and how Christianity answers life’s important questions.

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